Initiative, Pune IN

UX Design

Water treatment plant manager

The aim of the project was to design an intuitive and user-friendly mobile application which would help operate and manage the water treatment plants remotely and efficiently. The application is targeted towards the villagers from rural India, who are not much exposed to the digital technologies. The application is to be accessed in remote locations where the internet facilities are unreliable.

System Map

A system that distributes clean water in remote indian area


Enterprise application to monitor industrial water treatment plants and factories in remote locations and villages of India.

Primary tasks to be achieved

Manage the business or treatment plants remotely

Add or configure sites, and Set the parameters

Get site reports, statistics updates and control devices

Design Considerations


Minimum learning curve

The mobile application needs to be simple, intuitive and should have minimum learning curve so as to cater to the target audience that has limited awareness about digital technologies.

Placeholder image


Without data / internet

(To be used in remote Indian locations)
The application should be light in terms of istallation and storage. It should have offline support for the primary features.

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Block Wireframe


Considering the primary user-group that is digitally challegned and is new to smart-phones and touch-screen interfaces, the application was designed so as to have minimum learning curve. The interaction strategy, colour palette as well as the typeface were carefully design so as to ensure maximum productivity and increased the app reach. All the tapable actions were given a single colour (blue) to make it intuitive and easy to learn.

Final Design

Clean . Simple . Functional

1. Developing visual language that is focused towards productivity and efficiency.
2. Highlighting the important information that needs the most attention to achieve efficiency in operations.
3. Incorporating sufficient contrast across the screens to operate in bright daylight (india)