Product Design


A cordless ultrasonic dissection system

The primary scope of the project was restricted to the ergonomical enhancements of the instrument to improve the usabilityand comfort for surgeons. We also explored some CMF option to further enrich the functionality.

This being a medical project, we were absolutely thorough with the user testing and concept evaluation criteria.

I worked with the Project lead along with a Design researcher, Mechanical engineer, Prototyping expert.


Ideation journey

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Evey single concept was methodically worked out and systematically evaluated

Evaluation Criteria

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New concepts were evaluated against different markers to decide the potential of the concept. Ex like how effective a concept is for surgeons with different hand sizes, the comfort level, logistics efforts for support staff  etc.

Project Space
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Feedback and evaluation methods

Live feed of observations was available to the other team members to observe the user behavior without making the user conscious

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Concept Evaluation

Laparoscopy procedure simulator to ge the real experiene while evaluating the concepts

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*final design solutions are confidential thus can not be disclosed.