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Nature inspired shoe

The aim of this project was to derive an abstract form & geometry from nature and come up with a product inspired from the specific characteristics.

The project started with studying the rhinoceros, to look for a specific characteristics. Indian Rhinos have a really tough skin. Along with his heavy appearance, the armored skin plates on the rhino make him appear Robust.



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The Indian rhinoceros have thick, silver-brown skin, which becomes pinkish near the large skin folds that cover its body. Its upper legs and shoulders are covered in wart-like bumps. It has very little body hair, aside from eyelashes, ear fringes and tail brush. Males develop thick neck folds

Form Transition | 2D

Form Transition | 3D

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The abstract 3D form

Product Developement

Product Inspiration

The next step of the project was to come up with a prodct inspired from characteristics of the Indian Rhinoceros and the 3D abstract. Considering physical and non physical attributes of Rhinoceros.

Shoes : #Robust #Thick Plated Surface #Tough

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