The aim of this project was to find the problem areas and opportunities to improve in the current packaging. After Analyzing the existing packaging and followed by the market study, we realised that the brand lacked premium packaging like the competition. Polo being one of the oldet mint brnad it needed a logical face lift to stand out as an exclusive product in the market. So we decided to work on that and came up with a concept to integrate the tag line 'Mint with the Hole' in the packaging.


Product Design + Branding | 2012


Me + Vishwajeet Sawant (Graphic Designer)


MIT Institute of Design



The process started with finding what the existing packaging/brand lacked. The peculiar form of the polo tablet was quite compelling. It is what distinguished polo from other competition in the market. The packaging had to evolve around this tablet so studying the geometry and proportions of the tablet was very crucial to move forward.

'The Mint With The Hole'
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Problem Areas

1. Shabby packaging
2. The mint tablet is brittle
3. Needs fast consumption (Loses flavour)
4. Other brands in the similar doamin have better packaging

Design Criteria

1. Avoide messy packaging.
2. Refine packaging like competitive brands.
3. Maintain the flavour.
4. Prevent the polo mints from breaking.
5. Making the 'The mint with the hole' factor better visible through the packaging.


To design a premium packaging solution for mint brand polo such that it :

Enriches the product experience for the user
Helps brand expand its consumer segment
The mint with the hole factor is not seen through the packaging.



Premium Packaging

'Mint with the Hole'

Retail Stand