Aug 2016

University of Texas at Austin

Interaction Design, Design Research, IoT

A speculative smart kitchen service

Kitchen+ is a smart kitchen service that connects different appliances in the kitchen to create a unified and seamless cooking experience. It helps create an engaging food preparation experience encourages people to understand & know their food to promote a healthy & a sustainable lifestyle.

Leading causes of death are a result of unhealthy eating habits

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User Research

"While cooking, my hands are dirty and its hard play cooking videos on laptop"
"I am not an expert chef so making same recipes over and over again gets boring."
“I don't really know the nutritional information of the food I am eating.”
“I would like to have some help to explore and cook new recipes”
“I don’t understand how exactly food affects my health.”

Creating an engaging food preparation experience that would help & motivate users to cook at home, in order to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Make cooking easy

Help stay organized, reduce food wastage, explore new recipes, maintain balanced diet.

Improve food awareness, help people understand the food they are eating


A smart cooking system in the existing kitchen environment

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Kitchen Hub

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Mobile App

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Story boarding

Storyboarding was the primary step towards getting started with an experience video. Different user stories were outlined and sketched out to create a guideline for the video. It helped visualise and share some scenes and get feedback before getting started with the video

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Chris wants to learn and make some oatmeal cookies.

He looks up a recipe using the app and add the ingredients to the grocery list

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On the way home, Chris gets the ingredients from supermarket

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System helps him step-by-step with the recipe

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System makes the cooking process efficient for him and save time.

Later system suggests him some health tips considering the goals he set earlier.