A smart kitchen platform

Kitchen+ is a smart kitchen platform to create an engaging food preparation experience to help people understand & know their food to promote a healthy & a sustainable lifestyle. Kitchen+ connects the different appliances in your kitchen to create a unified and seamless cooking experience.


UX Design, Service Design | 2016


University of Texas at Austin


According to a recent survey, in the US, most of the deaths occur due heart diseases, cancers and diabetes compared to any other cause. Obesity is a major cause leading to these diseases. Studies show that most of these diseases are a result of unhealthy eating habits. People are not not always aware of their food. Lack of knowledge often results in making wrong and poor choices. The idea is to promote a healthy lifestyle by improving the way we interact with our food. Kitchen is the heart of our home, it is the primary place where interact with food. For this reason, I decided to start from kitchen and tried to explore ways to create efficient and smart kitchen system that helps to achieve a healthy lifestyle



In a local grocery store, I obsesrved how people shop or make decision while choosing a particular product over the other. I overheard 2 guys talking and buying some processed / instant food as a result of impulse buying. It seemed that people often end up buying what they see on the shelves. Although people do look for fat free and sugar free labels but it is a poor way to judge a product

Although we have thousands of recipes available on the internet, they are not accessible in a format that can be consumed in the kitchen. We have different devices that help us with cooking, but what we lack is a system connecting all of them together.


I interviewed around 8 people informally. After talking to them, I realised that cooking is often the most neglected activity. Also people often face similar and basic issues with cooking. The primary reasons were - I don’t know how to to cook, I don’t know what is healthy, I don’t understand how exactly food affects my health.


To create an engaging food preparation experience that would help & motivate users to cook at home, In order to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

1. Make cooking easy
2. Stay Organized, reduce food wastage
3. Explore new recipes, Eat balanced diet, variety is the key
4. Food Awareness, help people understand the food they are eating


A connected smart kitchen platform

The system consists of a touchscreen interface installed in kitchen, which also acts like a hub that connects all the different appliances along with Kitchen wand, a device that actively helps in cooking by sensing temperature, nutritional information, liquid consistency & composition etc. Mobile and desktop app lets user access the setup from away. They can schedule and plan their meals ahead.
Its step by step video & voice cooking guide makes cooking easy, it improves food awareness by helping people understand the food they are eating and the intuitive interface encourages people to explore & have fun, by tracking the groceries it helps user stay organized & reduce food wastage.



Kitchen Hub

Mobile App