May 2017

University of Texas at Austin

Interaction Design, Health Care

A solution designed for patients to improve the medical adherence.

The healthcare outcomes are directly linked to the patient's compliance with the treatment prescribed by their healthcare provider. Adherence is a complex issue and when patients fail to comply with the treatment plan, it becomes a major hurdle in the delivery of healthcare.

40% of patients fail to adhere to treatment recommendations

Source: Pub med central

Causes for poor compliance


Why do people Forget ?

User Research

5 user interviews to get insights about the patient's problems & their needs.


What users say

“I don’t want to tell everyone the medicines I am taking.”
“My wife and I remind each other to take our medication.”
“Often when I am busy working, I tend to forget.”
“I have an app installed but the notifications are  
   sometimes annoying.”

Behavior Insights

New habits are hard to establish, they need to be embedded in their existing routines.

The behavior of all the stakeholders in the system needs to be addressed.

Health decisions are not made in isolation. When there is a health issue, people reach out to family and friends for the advice.

The patient-specific approach works best. Creating a customized experience is the key to address adherence issue.


Stakeholder Map

Stakeholder mapping helped identify different key elements that need to be addressed.

“How might we encourage patients to create reminders in their living spaces?”


Ideation framework

Behavorial framework


15 Initial Concepts

3 Directions



Personalised reminders & motivations to nudge patient behavior

Placeholder image
Placeholder image

Reminder Cards

A personalised reminder system

These cards can be mounted on the wall, refrigerator or anywhere. The idea is to encourage users to create visible reminders in their space. The cards give customized information to patients regarding what they need to do (e.g., Prescription details, Next appointment, dietary suggestions etc) and why they need to do it. This may include patient goals, their ambitions, the reasons and the outcomes of this treatment etc.

Medication Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Motivation Cards

How & Where

Care provider captures patient’s goals & preferences

Care provider provides the customised caremate cards kit to the patient

Patient sets up the card in home

Cards motivate and remind patients



A personal reminder device

Companion is a table-top artefact that reminds patients to take their medicines. It doesn’t look like an obvious medical device therefore patient might feel comfortable to keep it in personal spaces.

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Placeholder image

How it works