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A solution for heart patients to help them understand & manage their condition better

People living with some form of cardio-vascular disease are growing worldwide. Studies have shown that people often lack sufficient information about their condition. This issue can be addressed by improving heart health literacy and by helping those with a heart disease to understand & manage their condition so that they are empowered to make informed decisions regarding their health.

Heart related diseases are a leading cause of death worldwide

Health literacy is the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions

Source: US Department of Health & Human Services - 2000

Importance of Health Literacy

Help people make informed decisions regarding their heart health

Encourage self-care (Avoid unneccesary doctor visits)

Help people understand the health care system (how system works, Insurance, govt programs etc.)

Achieve better results with efficient and targeted use of the health-care system (e.g. Make appointments productive, avoid frequent visits, ask relevant questions)

Who does it benefit?


Improved health outcomes

Reduced healthcare costs


Efficient use of the healthcare system

Reduced burden/stress on the health system


Make heart health-related information easy to consume

#Simple #Useful #Understandable

Existing Solutions

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What works?

Pool of health information

Trusted/reliable source

What can be improved?

Experience can be less overwhelming

Density & clutter of information can be reduced

Content can be simplified & visualised

Content can be made actionable

User Research

4 Patients | 6 Family members & friends

"You’ll only get heart disease if it runs in your family."
"I’m in good shape, so It’s not possible for me to have heart disease"
"I am way too young to worry about heart disease"
“I have a family history, so there’s nothing I can do to prevent It”

Mapping user-journey

Identify touchpoints & opportunities

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Target Audience

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Defining Persona

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User intent & decision making

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Possible directions

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Proposed Solution

Online resource platform to help people understand heart health information

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Work in Progress

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