Aug 2016

Design Institute for Health

Interaction Design, Health Care

A self diagnostic tool for hand & arm

An online interactive tool that provides a user-friendly self-diagnosis for hand & arm pain. This tool enables people to make informed decisions regarding their health and have a better dialogue with their doctor

My Role:

Interaction designer on the team, I worked with a senior design director & an orthopedic surgeon at Dell Medical School, Austin Tx.
I created wireframes, visual design, prototyping, gather & intergrate feedback on the design.

Self Diagnosis

It is the process of diagnosing or identifying medical conditions by one-self

Why is it important

Empower patient

Get initial medical care

Make targeted use of health-care system

Reduce medical expenses

Have an informed conversation with doctor


To create an online interactive tool that provides intuitive path to self diagnosis for hand & arm pain

Design Consideration

Translating the doctor-patient interaction in self-diagnosis process

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Communication plays an important role in healthcare. When it comes to an individual's health, every small step counts


1. Patient-Centered

A patient starts explaining the issue by telling their doctor the location of the problem & what is the problem.

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2. Reduce barriers to interaction

Problem: User drop-off

When it comes to digital interactions, the attentions span of the users is less. Also, users are less likely to provide their personal / health related information unless they see instant benefits of the digital platform they are interacting with.


Asking for information only when it is required for the diagnosis

Traditional Task flow of the other self-diagnostic tools

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Armwell Task-flow

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Card-sorting & screen-flow

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Wireframing & Iterations

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Feedback & refinements

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Step 01 : Where & what

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Step 02 : Contextual questions

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