I am Ajinkya, an interaction designer
currently based in Bay Area, CA


A home automation service that connects all the existing appliances in the house to smart home platform


I led the design to define entire user experience including product design and interaction design for website, mobile application

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Armwell is an online interactive tool that provides an user friendly self-diagnosis for hand & arm pain to engage people in self care and take informed decisions.


I worked as the interaction/UX designer on this project, with a senior design director & an orthopedic surgeon at Dell Medical School, Austin Tx.

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A solution for heart patients to help them understand & manage their condition better.


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A solution designed for patients to improve the adherence & compliance to the prescribed treatment.

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A water treatment plant manager. The application is targeted towards the villagers from rural India, who are not much exposed to the digital technologies. The application is to be accessed in remote locations where the internet facilities are unreliable.


I worked as a UX/interaction designer on this project along with a visual designer.

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Kitchen+ is a smart kitchen platform to create an engaging food preparation experience to help people understand & know their food to promote a healthy & a sustainable lifestyle.


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A new generation thermostat.
The challenge was to design a better experience around the way people interact with the thermostats without making significant changes to the existing PCB


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A smart lighting solution

A smart-light solution for home to control your lights on smart-phone or tablet PC. Connected lighting that adapts at all times to your desires and lifestyle

worked as the primary designer on the project. My responsibilities included define user flows, create wireframes, define micro interactions, co ordinate with app developement team etc.

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About me

I am an interaction designer with 5+ years of experience in physical & digital aspects of design. I believe in a problem solving approach to design as it leads to meaningful solutions.


University of Texas at Austin

Interaction Design/Experience Design

MIT Institute Of Design

Product Design


Google   Present

Interaction Designer

Design Institute for Health  

Design Fellow


User Experience Design

Independent Design Consultant

Product Design, UX Design


Product Design Intern

Design Directions

Industrial Design Intern

Lokus Design

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